Majestic Builders

Brand Development for a South Texas Contractor

Homebuilders in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas are flourishing due to one of the fastest growing populations in the US. I partnered with Rene Ruiz from Majestic Builders to lay the foundations of a brand that would connect with the unique mindset of RGV residents seeking new, custom homes.

Together, we developed...

A business name that capitalizes on the market expectation of homes with large, open floor plans and richly detailed finishings...

A flexible system of logos that allow for brand cohesiveness across print, digital, and social media...

A custom logotype...

A set of supporting visual guidelines for color and typography.

Why the Elephant?

While working on the business name, Rene and I kept circling back to themes of grandeur, nobility, and lasting workmanship. When Rene mentioned the possibility of using an elephant as a brand symbol, I instantly loved the idea because worldwide, elephants are known for their...




Cooperative Spirit. 

Visual Identity

Concept Sketching

Custom Logotype Vector Tracing

Stacked Logos

Landscape Logos


Brand Marks

Brand Color Scheme

Brand Typography