CheckMate Animations

CheckMate is a new social app that helps people find professional services providers that their friends already know and trust. I was hired to create onboarding animations that would engage and inform new users at registration. Over the course of the project, I delivered...

A storyboard and script outlining the animation sequence...

Ten original characters that show the app's ability to connect users to professionals in different fields of expertise...

Color direction to enliven the overall mood of the onboarding experience...

Four animated vignettes that powerfully demonstrate the app's usefulness.


Characters & Color Design

Initially, I proposed that the animations consist of simple icons on a white background, but the team at Checkmate believed that humans would make the app more relatable. So, I designed a collection of upbeat characters with lively expressions and tied everything together with a high-contrast color scheme based on a wide range of bright hues.

Main Character Facial Expressions

Main Character Facial Expressions

Main Character Sketch Development

(  Starting with original sketch at left)

(Starting with original sketch at left)

Onboarding Screens 1-4


Animation Highlights

I animated a ton of tiny details for this project. These are the best.