5 Year Messaging

Anniversary Campaign for Portland Metro's Legit Roofing  

From its early stages, I've been working with Legit Roofing to hone a compelling brand message, and it's been incredible to see the year after year growth they've achieved.

Naturally, I was excited when the management team at Legit asked me to develop a messaging campaign that could be used to celebrate and promote the company's 5th year anniversary.

Ultimately, we achieved: 

A messaging framework that connects target customers to Legit's evolution as a business...

Brand themes promoting Legit's beginnings, rapid growth, and future vision...

A '5 Year' story that expands on the brand themes...

Community centric slogans that highlight Legit's ongoing neighborhood involvement...

A clean and classic anniversary identifier mark.

5 Years Strong

Establishing a brand framework

During the project launch meeting with Legit, I wrote the phrase "5 Years Strong" in my notebook as I listened to the management team explain their hopes for the campaign. Later, when I revisited my notes, the wording caught my eye.

Initially, I wondered if the phrase was too obvious, but it embodied so much of what the campaign was meant to communicate that I decided to pitch the idea in my first round of presentations. The Legit team loved the concept, and we were on our way.

Brand Themes

Past. Present. Future.

Legit has grown rapidly over its five years of business, but selling high-end roofs requires a bond of trust, so I decided that the brand themes for Legit's anniversary campaign should set up a relatable story for potential customers.

The 5 Year Story

Why write a story?

The team at Legit wanted more than a celebration of their accomplishments, they wanted a way to tell clients new and old about their ongoing pursuit of excellence.

To help them deliver the message with clarity and consistency, I expanded the brand themes into a collection of short, narrative statements.

Community Slogans

An Ongoing Commitment

To quickly communicate its vision for the next five years of business, I created a handful of slogans that capture the three most important services Legit provides.

Anniversary Badge

Brand Promotion & Continuity

As Legit releases promotional items and advertisements throughout the year, they'll use this badge to complement their existing visual identity and draw attention to the building blocks of the '5 Year' message.